Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide



It is Washington Parish Public Transit's goal to provide the greatest number of passengers with prompt, efficient, friendly service.

Following are ways you may help us serve you:


        In order to ensure the vehicle will be on time for other passengers, the driver can not make unscheduled stops.

        Please do not change seats unless instructed to do so by the driver.

        A passenger may not refuse to ride with other passengers. If there is an ongoing problem with another passenger please call 732-6868 or 732-6871.

        Because you will probably share a vehicle with other passengers, we suggest that when you schedule your trip:

1) Tell us when your scheduled appointment is.

2) Remember that the driver may be picking up and dropping off other passengers
before reaching your destination.

3) Be prepared for delays due to traffic or bad weather.

4) Plan your trip. For example, if you must be somewhere at 10:00 a.m., you
may need to be picked up at 8:45 am.


        Please be ready at least 1 hour before your vehicle is scheduled to arrive.

        lf a WPPT vehicle hasn't arrived after 30 minutes from your scheduled pick-up, please call 732-6868 or 732-6871 to get an update on the estimated arrival time of the vehicle.


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