Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


When a rider has a reserved trip and fails to show up for the trip, the rider is considered a no-show. The driver will wait the specified 5 minute wait time at the rider's pick-up location, and if the rider does not appear or make contact with the driver, the rider is considered a no-show.


Please call 752-6868 or 732-6871 to cancel a trip so as not to be a ''no-show'' Be aware of the following:

        No-shows are monitored and documented

        No-shows in excess of 5% of an individual rider's scheduled trips in any calendar month are considered excessive..

        Excessive no-shows in any given month will result it: a warning letter

        Excessive no-shows in two consecutive months will result in a 7-day suspension of service.

        If excessive no-shows continue after suspension, any future no-shows will have to be paid for before service is restored.


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