Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


Call 732-868 or 732-6871 at least one hour prior to the scheduled trip and inform the dispatcher. A change may be approved if it ds not require the rescheduling of your trip. If rescheduling is necessary, your trip must be canceled and you will need to schedule a new trip. There is no guarantee that changes made after 10:00 am. the day prior to the requested trip can be accommodated.

Cancellations have a detrimental effect on WPPT service. Late cancellations can deny rides to other passengers by wasting trips. Please be aware of the following:

        All cancellations are monitored and documented

        If you need to cancel an appointment or need to change a trip, you must call the scheduling office at 732-6868 or 732-6871 you within 1 hour of pick-up time to cancel the appointment.

        If your trip request is not canceled before the driver is dispatched, this is considered a late cancellation

        Late cancellations in excess of 5% of an individual rider's scheduled trips in any calendar month are considered excessive and could result in a 7-day suspension of service. If excessive cancellations continue, any future cancellations would have to be paid before service is rendered.

        Please be courteous to our other passengers and cancel as soon as possible so someone who is waiting for a trip can be scheduled


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