Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


Riding Washington Parish Public Transit is just like riding any other public community transportation system, there is a scheduled arrival time and you must be ready when the vehicle arrives. The driver may have additional stops before reaching your destination. He/she could arrive as early as 1 hour before your scheduled time and will only wait 5

minutes after arrival.



        WPPT is a curb-to-curb service.

        You may ride from any origin in the service area for any legal purpose as long as a reservation has been made.

        No assistance can be provided beyond the curb. If you require further assistance you should be accompanied by a personal care attendant or traveling companion. This must be arranged in advance when you schedule your trip.

        the driver is required to collect the fare from you and any companions before departure. Please have exact change ready.

        Occasionally the transit system experiences unavoidable delays. You should plan for the inconvenience of possible delays and not miss appointments by scheduling your arrival time earlier than your appointment.


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