Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


Washington Parish Public Transit is available throughout Washington Parish. Passengers may be transported to any destination located within the parish. Currently, WPPT does not transport out of parish.


The transit system employs properly licensed and trained drivers. All staff are trained on an on-going basis in order to provide safe service.

Once on board, riders are required to use seatbelts and any other securing devices as appropriate. Riders must remain seated and secured until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Every child under age 13 will be properly secured in an age and size appropriate restraint system.

Unwillingness to utilize the available methods of securement could result in service refusal.


All packages, personal belongings, groceries, mobility devices must be secured.


Washington Parish Public Transit may choose to cease services at anytime when there is threatening weather or unsafe driving conditions. WPPT is a participant in the Emergency Operations Plan for weather/disaster related emergencies. In the event of a weather/disaster related emergency, the transit system would operate according to the parish plan.   

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