Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


Passengers are expected to behave in a courteous, respectful and polite manner to the driver and other passengers. The
driver is responsible for behavior on the vehicle and authorized to maintain a safe, pleasant atmosphere for all.


  • No smoking, eating or drinking on board buses. (Exception: If a rider's disability requires periodic consummation of food, then this is  permitted)
  • No operating radios, tape players, mini-televisions or similar devices on the bus unless earphones are used and there passengers are not disturbed.
  • No fighting, abusive or threatening language or actions.
  • No physical abuse of other riders or the driver.
  • Possession of firearms, weaponry, illegal substances and hazardous chemicals.
  • No animals other than special assistance animals
  • Socializing with the driver while the bus is in service.
  • Inappropriate attire, poor hygiene


  • Any act that would qualify as misconduct, but is the direct and immediate consequence of the passenger's disability, such as abusive language that is the consequence of Tourette's Syndrome.
  • If a passenger commits an act of unintentional misconduct, and he/she has had training in the appropriate behavior, that act will be treated as intentional.

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