Washington Parish Public Transit Ride Guide


If you use a mobility aid or wheelchair, please keep it in are condition. If a driver believes you cannot be safely transported in your wheelchair, he/she will tell you and you may not be transported. A wheelchair is considered unsafe if:

                a. The wheels or other parts are loose or dangerous.
                b. The tires are flat
                c. One or both brakes do not hold the wheels securely.
                d. The footrests are missing.
                e. The battery on an electric wheelchair has a very low charge.

Please remember:

lf you use a manual wheelchair, bring an attendant if you require assistance over rough terrain or steep slopes and if
the combined weight of you and your chair exceeds 350 lbs.

Drivers do not assist persons down steps or ramps. If you require assistance down steps or ramps, arrange to have an
attendant accompany you.

Let us know if your wheelchair is oversized. Our lifts can accommodate wheelchair up to 30'' wide, 48'' long and up
to 600 lbs. in weight when occupied. If your wheelchair exceeds these dimensions WPPT may deny services.

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